Video Marketing and Production in Nepal

Marketing in Nepal is the best Video Marketing Company in Kathmandu, Nepal. We create brand awareness and educate your customers about your products and services through powerful videos. Your business goals come first for us and they define the video script. The final product ensures that potential leads are converted and a newer, wider audience is reached.

We have dedicated resources for each of your video projects and save your time by planning the end-to-end video strategy. Video marketing promotions and Video Creation involve techniques such as targeting specific buyer personas, flighting, strategizing and planning budgets to get the best engagement on each video.

We provide Video Ad Creation services in Kathmandu. Moroever, we help you to rank your video on top of YouTube with YouTube SEO, Ads and get maximum sharing on social channel.

Easy to explain and helps in more engagement
Helps in Building trust
Helps in building emotional connection with the user
Encourages social shares

Video Marketing Services Include:

We work on SUCCESS stratgey to get your video viral. S= Simple, U=Unexpected, C=Concrete, C=Credible, E=Emotional, S=Stories, S= Social Proof.
Concept and Ideas
Concept and Ideas
Understanding your aim, we come up with the video concept that will grow your business or aware user about your service.
We create designs and concepts best for you and then start shooting the video by arranging all designs and attraction.
Giving finishing touch and some animations/edits to the video is important which comes under Post Production of the Video.

Why Video Marketing in Nepal?

According to Cisco, by 2022, 82 percent of the global internet traffic will come from video streaming. Video Content Marketing is not a new development as we’ve witnessed these video ads on television for a long time. But with the commencement of the accelerated internet and with brands trying to bid for the consumer’s limited attention, video marketing seems to be the way to cut through the clutter for most brands.

Importance of Video Marketing in Nepal

  1. Easy to expalin and helps in more engagement
  2. Boosts conversion rates and sales
  3. Increase your reach
  4. Helps in Building trust
  5. Increases retention rates
  6. Helps in building emotional connection with the user
  7. Encourages social shares

Types of Video Contents we Create

Marketing in Nepal has an experienced marketing team who plans, creates and optimizes your brand marketing as per your targeted audience. We provide different types of Video Content Creation Service which best fits for you in Nepal. We craft content so that it goes viral in a way (get more shares). As most people are sending time watching Videos, we will create videos they will love.

The following are the video marketing that we create and distribute as per our clients' discretion:

  • Videos for Product Launch
  • Commercial Ad Videos
  • Testimonial Videos
  • User Guide Videos
  • Messaging Videos
  • Training & Coaching videos
Bishal Khadka
Thanks to Marketing in Nepal for amazing video content of my Bakery. I am glad to work with professional team.
Bishal Khadka
COO, Your Koseli

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