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Social Media Marketing in Nepal

Being one of leading Digital Marketing Company in Nepal, we provide Social Media Marketing in Nepal.
A fact shows there are 1 Crore Plus Facebook Users and more than 30 Lakhs Instagram Users in Nepal in 2019.With our Social Media Experts, we can place you in front of your targeted customer with unique designs and appealing content to use your services.So, why should your Marketing Strategy not include Social Media?


How we Work?
  • Finding Your Social Media Goals

Why do you want to be in social Media. What are your goals?

  • Finding Targeted Audience

Who may be your potential customer who may use your services?

  • What are you going to share?

We create amazing contents and graphics in terms of your need.

  • Where?

There are many social medias, where do you want to promote your service or product?

  • When?

Posting or boosting on random time will not yield proper result. Everything has time. When do you want to advertise?

  • How?

How are you going to advertise? Whether it’s image, video or audio. We can help creating any of them.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing in Nepal

2$ of Facebook Boost can give you more than 500 reach. Just imagine what can you do with just $200 investment in social medias like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc.

Top Social Channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube has all our data. They knows what we love and hate. With creating awesome ads, they help to reach our targeted audience and promote our business.

With analytics and metrics, you can easily track your boosted ad campaigns. You can see the reach, increase or decrease daily boosting amount, change targeted audience and so on.

As a best Social Media Marketing Agency, What We Can Do for You

Being a top Digital Marketing Agency in the town, we can understand what user want. We can create a rocketing Social Media Marketing Campaign for your business in Nepal, Just give our experts a buzz and see growth in your sales.

Social Media Audit and Strategy

We analyze your current social channel and come up with powerful marketing strategies for influencing the and engaging your audience

Content Creation and Promotion

With our writers, we can provide you appealing contents for your customers. A well written content will increase your sales and brand value.

Social Media Advertising

We provide Facebook Boost and Advertising Service in Nepal. You offer Instagram, YouTube and Linkedin Advertising also.

Graphics and Video Content

It is said that picture worths 1000 words and video worth 1000 pictures. So we create amazing Graphics and Video Contents to make your ad creative.

Creating Facebook Bots

With our Machine Learning Experts, we can help you with building chatbots in Facebook which will reply to your client 24/7 even when you are not there.

Analytics and Reporting

After working with us, It's our duty to show you the work progress with analytics and proper reporting which is not done by all Social Media Marketing Agency in Nepal.

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