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Marketing in Nepal is the leading SEO Company in Nepal that provides guaranteed ranking in Google with sophisticated Search Engine Optimization Services in Nepal at the best price. We provide full-fetch Search Engine Optimization Services in Nepal including On-Page, Off-Page, Technical and Local Search Optimization.  You need to deal with the best SEO Company in Nepal for a better experience for your business. 

. With the specialized team of SEO Experts in Nepal – we have helped more than 100 clients to Rank on 1st Page in Google. And hence maintained the reputation of being the Best Web Ranking Agency in Nepal. The exciting part is, we are budget-friendly service provider located in Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan.

SEO Company in Nepal

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As a Top SEO Company in Nepal we provide guaranteed rankings of your website, once you Book our Service. Our Panel of SEO Experts analyze your Market, Search Best Keywords to rank for, Write Amazing Contents, do Link Building Practices and work hand in hand with you to make you visible in search engines. We provide results on time and weekly reporting to update you the status of your work. Being Leading SEO Company of Nepal, we provide Search Optimization Service for small to medium to large businesses in Nepal.

Why SEO is Important in Nepal?

Tell me the first thing you do when you need some services. Let’s say you need a cake. You do not know which company provide cake delivery service in Nepal. So, you Google it. And you will find the link of website or Businesses doing Cake Delivery in Nepal. Same goes for your business also. People may be searching for your business and your competitor who ranks on Google are getting customers. The process of optimizing your website to rank on first of Google is Search Engine Optimization(SEO). Being the leading SEO Company in Nepal, we have seen many businesses getting benefits from SEO Services in Nepal. The common advantages of Search Engine Marketing that brings to your business are:
  1. Get Organic Traffic to Your Website where you can show your best services and products.
  2. No Money should be paid for traffic from Google (free traffic).
  3. Optimize User Experience with Valuable Content, Page Speed and unique Identity.
  4. Build Trust as People trust what Google Recommends.
  5. You can get Increased Engagement, Traffic & Conversions etc.

SEO Services in Nepal from Best SEO Agency

We have to provide amazing Services in Nepal to rank your website on Top of Search Engines Faster – to keep our reputation of Best SEO Company in Nepal. And that’s what we are maintaining for 4 years. The General Practices of Search Engine Optimization is only On-Page and Off-Page. However, we provide On-Page, Off-Page, Technical, and Local Optimization Services in Nepal at once. We understand your business, your targeted keywords to rank for, your keyword competition, and start promoting your Business in Google.
Under SEO Services in Nepal, we provide the following services:

    On-Page Optimization
    Off-Page Optimization
    Technical SEO
    Local Search
    Content Writing

On-Page SEO Service 

Being a leading SEO Company in Nepal, we do provide On Page Search Engine Optimization services in Nepal.  On-Site Optimization is about working inside the website. On-Page Optimization includes optimizing the Meta Title, Meta Description, Heading Tags, structured data, and website structure. Our Experts in Nepal provide all these services for better ranking.  
We will write an amazing Meta Title and Description with the keyword-focused approach and guaranteed web clicks. As we know, headings have a great role in defining the contents. We optimize heading tags in the way google ranks it higher. Other On-Page Audit service includes Google site verification, Google Analytics, Sitemap Creation and Submission, Robots.txt file creation and Submission, Enabling Google Bots, Setting Up Search Language and Preferences, etc.

Off-Page SEO in Nepal

Off-Page Optimization is about working outside your website. It includes the practices of Link Building and Online Reputation. Backlinko states Backlink has high ranking effects in ranking in Google. 

So, we provide link-building and Off-Page optimization Services. Under Off-page services, we provide Social Bookmarking, Answering in Quora and Stackoverflow, Listing your websites in yellow pages, Google Busines,  Yelp, etc., Blog Commenting, Profile Creation, Press Release, Article Submission, Guest Blogging, PPT/PDF Submission, Video Submission, Infographics Submission, Maintaining Social Presence in Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Dead Link Building, Microsite, etc. Having a good social presence helps to rank high on Google. There are many other Off-Page services that our SEO Company in Nepal can easily get for you.

Technical Optimization

Most of the SEO Agencies of Nepal do not provide Technical Optimization services. We being leading Search Engine Optimization Company in Nepal, we offer it. Under Technical Audit we check Page Speed, Page Structure, Domain Age Analysis, Redirects, Public vs. Private WhoIs, Mobile Optimized Site, Crawlable Website, use of AMP, Rel=Canonical, Broken Links, etc. By considering these services you can rank better in Google. And we are best at it. Your efforts will not generate the expected results if you do not have better Technical SEO on your websites. Our experts are ready to work with you for providing better Search Engine Ranking in Nepal.

Local Search Practice in Nepal

Local Search is one of the most underrated but effective practices. Well, optimized local Business Listings help your business to rank on top of Google By Business Listing as well as search pages. Local SEO is about creating Local Business Submission and optimizing the listing for user queries. Getting consistent Good Reviews, Updating Google Business time and again helps to get more leads to your business even without a website. So, Local Optimization is a very effective technique. But only when done by professionals. As we are one of the best SEO Companies in Nepal, we offer it in a way in works best for you.

SEO Price in Nepal

The SEO Price in Nepal actually depends upon the keywords you want to rank for. For example: if your business is in the competitive market, your competitor also must have done some Search Engine Marketing(SEM). So, Search Engine Marketing costs a bit higher price to rank competitive keywords than less searched keywords. However, we provide Search Engine Marketing services in Nepal starting from just Rs.20,000 per month. Trust us it is the nominal price in front of the number of calls/leads you get after Search Engine Optimization.

How Best SEO Company in Nepal do Search Engine Marketing?

Understanding Your Aim
Understanding Your Aim
Initially, we will get to know about your Business Domain and your aim of doing SEO. In the process, we understand your target audience and create sophisticated plan of attack.
Keyword Research
Keyword Research
On the second phase of Search Engine Marketing, we look for the Keywords in your business domain and keywords your audience are searching for. We then craft contents to solve their pain point.
On Page + Technical Optimization
On Page + Technical Optimization
As mentioned above, we provide Image Optimization and Optimize the content in a way that your customer and google love it. It includes internal linking and others.
Off Page SEO
Off Page SEO
Link Building is one the key factor which helps your website to rank higher in Google. We will do various off-page link building strategy to make you authorized website.
Content Marketing
Content Marketing
Creating Contents that helps solving the pain-point of your audience will increase trust in you. We craft problem solving domain specific content which will build your online reputation.
Local SEO
Local SEO
Local SEO helps you build a brand in your local community. Managing Google My Business and optimizing it will help you get an audience faster and easier. More convenient and efficient for local businesses.

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Best Agency for SEO Services in Nepal

Marketing in Nepal is strong team of SEO Experts in Nepal. Our Specialist have worked for minimum of 3 years in Search Engine Market of Nepal. Our Energetic and Ever Learning team of Experts can help you rank your website faster in Google like search engines. We keep ourself updated with latest Google/Bing guidelines.
Experience, Varied Skillset, Ever Learning, Focused and Energetic Habit made us the Search Engine Marketing Experts in Nepal. With this team of Specialists we have helped 100s of business to rank in Google.
Our Services is available in major cities of Nepal like Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, Hetauda, Pokhara, Chitwan, Biratnagar, Dhangadi and Butwal. Hence, we are the Top and Leading Search Engine Optimization Company in Nepal.

Search Engine Optimization is behind the success of numerous big companies. Now it is your turn to be on the same list of big companies. You can surely achieve that goal, what you need is proper SEO strategies and we to guide you throughout your Search Marketing journey. Marketing In Nepal (MIN) will guide you. MIN is considered The Best Search Marketing company in Kathmandu as well as the Best SEO company in Nepal. You can trust us with your campaign. You focus on your business plan and leave Web Ranking Works to the best digital Marketing Company in Nepal, Marketing In Nepal.

We do provide Digital Marketing in Pokhara.

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