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SEO is website experience improvement approach undertaken to increase search engine visibility. Think of SEO as improving website condition to rank in top of the Google Search when user searches your services.

Maintaining the reputation of Best SEO Company in Nepal, our team of SEO Experts has been providing sophisticated SEO Services in Nepal since 5 years. In the duration, we have served 100+ clients and help them rank their website when people search their service.

We follow SEO Trends and Industry Standards in our SEO Process of Local SEO, Technical SEO, On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. Interesting thing is Google is must visited website in Nepal and your audience are constantly searching for services in Google like you do. SEO can boost sales and leads to your business. So? What you are waiting for? Get your sales up from today…

Best Practice for Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization Process

Do my Business Needs SEO in Nepal?

Of course! If you are running business, you must do Search Engine Optimization of your services so that whenever people search services you offer they found you on Top of Google. SEO in Nepal can help your business grow faster at low investment.

Google is must visited website in World

Get free traffic to your website

Increases User Experience in Website

People trust Google and always buy from you

Get more customer and sales

Best form of advertising and branding business

Make your Web Presence Clean

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Why you should choose us

Reasons to choose Marketing in Nepal for SEO

What’s better than working with experts of SEO in Nepal. Being Best SEO Company in Nepal, we cover all your . The General Practices of Search Engine Optimization is only On-Page and Off-Page. However, we provide On-Page, Off-Page, Technical, and Local Optimization Services in Nepal at once. We understand your business, your targeted keywords to rank for, your keyword competition, and start promoting your Business in Google.

Team of SEO Experts in Nepal

Service on


Industry Standard Practices


SEO Prices

Money back Guaranteed Services

3 Tiers SEO Prices for Your Small to Large Businesses

Small Package

3-5 Keywords Ranking

In-depth Site Analysis


Related Pages On Page SEO

Submission Link Building

Page Speed Analysis

Local Business Setup

Monthly Blogging

Internal Linking

Google Analytics and Search Console Setup

Social Sharing

XML Sitemaps



Medium Package

5-8 Keywords Ranking

In-depth Site Analysis Crawlability

All Pages On Page SEO Submission Link Building Page Speed Analysis

Local Business Setup

Managing Local Business

Weekly Blogging

Internal Linking

Guest Blogging

Dead Link and Broken Links

Google Analytics and Search Console Setup

Social Sharing

XML Sitemaps


Rs. 50,000/month

Large Package

8-10 Keywords Ranking

In-depth Site Analysis Crawlability

All Pages On Page SEO Submission Link Building Page Speed Analysis

Local Business Setup Managing Local Business Weekly Blogging

Internal Linking

Guest Blogging

Dead Link and Broken Links

Google Analytics and Search Console Setup

Duplicate Content Check

Other Webmaster Setup

Social Sharing


Link Exchange

XML Sitemaps


Rs. 90,000/month


What is Search Engine Optimization?

The process of optimizing your website to rank on first page of Google is Search Engine Optimization(SEO). Tell me the first thing you do when you need some services. Let’s say you need a cake. You do not know which company provide cake delivery service in Nepal. So, you Google it. And you will find the link of website or Businesses doing Cake Delivery in Nepal. Same goes for your business also. People may be searching for your business and your competitor who ranks on Google are getting customers.

Why SEO is important for my Business?

SEO helps to Get Organic Traffic to Your Website where you can show your best services and products. You shouldn’t invest Money for traffic from Google (free traffic). SEO helps to Optimize User Experience with Valuable Content, Page Speed and unique Identity. It finally build Trust as People trust what Google Recommends. You can get Increased Engagement, Traffic & Conversions from SEO Services in Nepal.

What SEO Agency do under Search Engine Optimization?

SEO Agency must follow industry practices and standards while doing SEO. The 4 pillars (TOOL) of are are Technical SEO, On-page SEO, Off-page SEO and Local SEO. We follow all there SEO strategies to rank your website on top of your Google.

How long does it takes to rank my website on top of Google?

Generally, it takes 4-6 months to rank your website on Top of Google depending upon your keywords and service business. For high competition

business(as other may also have done  it), it takes long to rank in Nepal. And for less competitive business, it’s quite fast to rank you on first in Google.

What is backlink in SEO and why should website need it?

As per Google, it ranks the website higher which has maximum Backlink. Backlink is the link pointing to your website on the other’s website. Backlink makes you authorized brand and helps rank higher in Google.

What is SEO Price in Nepal?

The SEO Price in Nepal actually depends upon the keywords you want to rank for. For example: if your business is in the competitive market, your competitor also must have done some Search Engine Marketing(SEM). So, Search Engine Marketing costs a bit higher price to rank competitive keywords than less searched keywords. However, we provide Search Engine Marketing services in Nepal starting from just Rs.20,000 per month. Trust us it is the nominal price in front of the number of calls/leads you get after Search Engine Optimization.

What is On Page Search Engine Optimization?

On Site Optimization is about working inside the website. On-Page Optimization includes optimizing the Meta Title, Meta Description, Heading Tags, structured data, and website structure. Our Experts in Nepal provide all these services for better ranking.We will write an amazing Meta Title and Description with the keyword-focused approach and guaranteed web clicks. As we know, headings have a great role in defining the contents. We optimize heading tags in the way google ranks it higher. Other On-Page Audit service includes Google site verification, Google Analytics, Sitemap Creation and Submission, Robots.txt file creation and Submission, Enabling Google Bots, Setting Up Search Language and Preferences, etc.

What is Off Page Search Engine Optimization?

Under Off-page services, we provide Social Bookmarking, Answering in Quora and Stackoverflow, Listing your websites in yellow pages, Google Busines,  Yelp, etc., Blog Commenting, Profile Creation, Press Release, Article Submission, Guest Blogging, PPT/PDF Submission, Video Submission, Infographics Submission, Maintaining Social Presence in Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Dead Link Building, Microsite, etc.

What is Technical SEO?

Under Technical Audit we check Page Speed, Page Structure, Domain Age Analysis, Redirects, Public vs. Private WhoIs, Mobile Optimized Site, Crawlable Website, use of AMP, Rel=Canonical, Broken Links, etc. By considering these services you can rank better in Google.

What is Local SEO?

ocal SEO is about creating Local Business Submission and optimizing the listing for user queries. Getting consistent Good Reviews, Updating Google Business time and again helps to get more leads to your business even without a website.

Do you perform Black Hat SEO?

A big NO. We only follow Google Guidelines and avoid Back Hat SEO Practices which may result in de-ranking of your website. With experts, you can rank on Top of Google without any back-hat SEO practices.

Do you run PPC ad as my Search Marketing Campaign?

Yeah, we do run PPC and banner ads in Google and Google Affiliated websites to gain traffic and hence sales to your store.

What are your SEO Plans?

As Nepal’s leading Search Engine Optimization agency, we offer a number of different SEO plans that could work for your business. Our SEO services include an initial review, on-page optimization, content marketing, reports and analytics, and much more. Read more about our SEO packages and pricing.

Where are your Service Areas?

Our Services is available in major cities of Nepal like Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, Hetauda, Pokhara, Chitwan, Biratnagar, Dhangadi and Butwal. Hence, we are the Top and Leading Search Engine Optimization Company in Nepal.

Which is Best SEO Company in Nepal?

Marketing in Nepal is strong team of SEO Experts in Nepal. Our Specialist have worked for minimum of 3 years in Search Engine Market of Nepal. Our Energetic and Ever Learning team of Experts can help you rank your website faster in Google like search engines. We keep ourself updated with latest Google/Bing guidelines.   Experience, Varied Skillset, Ever Learning, Focused and Energetic Habit made us the Search Engine Marketing Experts in Nepal. With this team of Specialists we have helped 100s of business to rank in Google.

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