Search Engine Optimization Service in Nepal

Let me start with an example of a Search Engine Optimization Service in Nepal. Let’s say you want to buy a cake online in Nepal and then you will go to Google and search for ” Order Cake Online in Nepal ” or ” Online Cake in Nepal ” etc. You will see some websites on the top like Then you will order a cake from the website that ranks first on Google. The optimization process to rank keywords of your business is called Search Engine Optimization Service in Nepal. You may have different services like Ecommerce, Accounting, Repairing and people may search for your keywords in Google. Just think when Google recommends your website for Best Online Shopping in Nepal, then it is obvious you will grow the sales. This process is SEO in Nepal (Search Engine Optimization).

The Search Engine Optimization Service includes the On-Page Optimization, Off-Page Optimization, Link Building, Search Engine Ads (Google Ads), Page Speed Optimization, and sharable contents service in Nepal. With more than 3 years of experienced SEO Experts in Nepal, we provide all of these SEO Services and help you rank on top of Google.

On-Page Optimization Service in Nepal


Under SEO Service in Nepal, we provide On-Page Optimization Service in Nepal. On-Page Optimization includes optimizing the Meta Title, Meta Description, Heading Tags <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, <h4>, structured data, and website structure. Our SEO Experts in Nepal provide all these services for better ranking. We will write an amazing Meta Title and Description with the keyword-focused approach and guaranteed web clicks. As we know, headings have a great role in defining the contents. We optimize heading tags in the way google ranks it higher. Other On-Page SEO service includes Google site verification, Google Analytics, Sitemap Creation and Submission, Robots.txt file creation and Submission, Enabling Google Bots, Setting Up Search Language and Preferences, etc. And with the best SEO Analyst of Nepal, we provide an on-page optimization service in Nepal.

Off-Page Optimization and Link Building Services in Nepal


Backlinko states Backlink has high ranking effects in ranking in Google. So, we provide link-building and Off-Page optimization Services. Under Off-page services, we provide Social Bookmarking, Answering in Quora and Stackoverflow, Listing your websites in yellow pages, Google Busines, Yelp, etc., Blog Commenting, Profile Creation, Press Release, Article Submission, Guest Blogging, PPT/PDF Submission, Video Submission, Infographics Submission, Maintaining Social Presence in Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Having a good social presence helps to rank high in Google. There are many other Off-Page services that our SEO Experts of Nepal can easily get for you.

Technical SEO Services in Nepal


Most of the SEO Agencies of Nepal do not provide Technical SEO Service. We being leading Search Engine Optimization Company in Nepal, we offer Page Speed, Page Structure, Domain Age Analysis, Redirects, Public vs. Private WhoIs, Mobile Optimized Site, Crawlable Website, use of AMP, Rel=Canonical, Broken Links, etc. By considering these services you can rank better in Google. And we are best at it. Your SEO efforts will not generate the expected results if you do not have better Technical SEO on your websites. Our experts are ready to work with you for providing better SEO in Nepal.

Content or Copy Writing Services in Nepal


You can see in the above metrics, the content plays major role in ranking. A fresh and unique, well-structured content with the use of LSI keywords, arrange Table of Contents can rank higher in the google rank. We provide fresh and unique content writing services in Nepal. An appealing content can get maximum shares and hence grow traffic to the website. Our content writers have good knowledge of different domains. They can provide you the best contents for your websites. Copy Writing Service will improve your google ranks and with us, we rank on top of Google.

Are You Ready to work with SEO Experts of Nepal?

Now you must be clear about the SEO and how it’s done. Are you planning to grow your business on Google? Then contact our SEO Experts of Nepal for your business and grow your business. The best way to advertise in Nepal is through Search Engines. It is cost-effective. So, call us for the Search Engine Optimization Service in Nepal.

FAQ’s on SEO

1. What is SEO? How to get the SEO service in Kathmandu?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is the practice of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.
If you need SEO service in Kathmandu, you can visit Marketing in Nepal where you can get the best digital marketing and SEO services in Nepal.

2. Why do we do Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO is done
To get the Quality Traffic
To get the quantity of traffic
to get the organic result

3. Do I Really Need SEO?

For the normal site, half of that pie will originate from web crawlers like Google. Web search tools are a revelation apparatus, implying that a significant number of these site guests are finding your site just because. As an ever-increasing number of individuals find your site from web search tools, you’ll see each other traffic channels (email, internet-based life, and so forth.) increment too. At the end of the day, as this piece of your pie gets greater, the remainder of your pie will get greater too.

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