TAAN Election 2019

TAAN Election 2019

We have a working experience of 3 years in the field of tourism in Nepal. Khum Subedi team appointed as an IT team for their election Campaign. We did the best of Digital Marketing and as a Result, Our fellow team won the top 7 ranks on the Election.

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We worked as a Marketing Head on the TAAN election campaign 2019. We did the best and our Team won the election by huge vote. Among 14 top posts, our team won the top 7 posts.

What we do on Taan Election campaign 2019

We are assigned to do the complete digital Marketing of the winning team. We did email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and many other marketing strategies to explore the goal of our team. So that people will know about the agendas and goals of our team. And we did the best. As a result our team won the campaign.


What we did on the TAAN campaign are:-