No! Facebook Insta Boost is not How You Should Advertise

Okay! I am now telling you! If you think you can build a great business just by boosting your post on Facebook and Instagram( as so-called marketing), then I am sorry to say “YOU ARE WRONG”. Yes! You may get some sale but it’s not the way how you advertise your business.

Tell a Story

Let’s say, you want a pin in a wall. You need hammer to strike pin in the wall. But why would anyone want pin a wall? Okay, you need to put your clothes hanged. But why? It makes your room clean and organized. And people will praise you for your cleanliness.

Next time, when you advertise your business of Hammer, don’t say I have a anger. Start with WHY?

Get your room cleaned and organized, hammer pin on the wall and keep your clothes. This is just a basic example of How you should pitch your marketing. People believe in Brand and Story they tell. So, build a story that solves people’s problem.

Show how you are solving Problem

In any given market at any given time, 3% of people are in ‘buying mode’. You can see TV ads, Google Ads shouting “I have this and that offer”. People are saying I am hungy I need food. If they see your ads saying get food here, they wil buy it, no worries. But what about remaining 97%? 17% people are aware about the problem that people deliver foods online and 20% are gathering information on which food delivery should I try. The main 60% don’t know about what problem even you are solving.

The main idea is creating a content that explains what problems are you solving and how. So that remaining 97% people will come to you.

If you are running online training, let people know how you are solving problem of reading in boring white boards or how you can learn from anywhere(like reading in bus, garden)

Website and SEO

I must not say, it’s the time of technology and how important is Website for any business. People can check your services 24/7. It works even when you sleep. It’s easy to maintain. You can give information about your services easily. How easy would it be to manage details of client and our services in websites.

Moreover, if you get your website ranked on 1st of Google for your services, Imagine how may sales will you get. Let’s say, you sell Teddy Bear Online. When people searched Teddy Bear in Nepal and your website or business comes in 1st place, then I should not say how exciting it would be for you.

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