This is How You Should Do Marketing in Nepal

Today Let’s Talk about Marketing in Nepal. So, you are doing a business right? But you are not doing advertising and marketing. Let me tell you, it’s like blinking eye to a girl in dark. You blinked but she will not see. Similarly, if you are doing business but not advertising then no one will see you. Today, we will talk about how you should do Marketing in Nepal.

You have to reach to the customer to get sales. I must say, this is the time of technology and Digital Marketing is one best way to increase your sales. Today, I am going to share you some amazing ideas by which you can grow your business exponentially. Trust me, It works!!

Marketing in Nepal #1: Make your Online Presence


By now, you must know what is a website and how important is it for business. Make an amazing website or ecommerce site and start making sales. It saves your time, 24-7 availability and easy to manage. Turn your traditional business into online business. Build a website, do some SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and get on 1st of Google when some people search about your product. Or you can also start seller account in other ecommerce platforms of Nepal.

Advantages of Having Website

  1. Attract New Customers
  2. Instant Credibility – 24/7 Support
  3. Easy to use and Maintain
  4. Time Saving and Manageable
  5. Grow customer base

Marketing in Nepal #2: Start Search Engine Optimization of Your Website

SEO Agency in Nepal | Digital Marketing Agency in Nepal
SEO Agency in Nepal | Digital Marketing Agency in Nepal

Just imagine you sale Teddy Bear and when people search Teddy Bear in Nepal they saw your website in 1st place in Google. It is obvious, people will call you and give order of Teddies to you. If you are running or planning to run a business, you must have some product. SEO helps to get your website on 1st place when people search about your product. Moreover, SEO helps to get more traffic, speed up loading time of your website and creating appealing contents for your customers.

Advantages of Doing SEO in Nepal

  1. Getting more sales when you are on Rank 1 when people Search in Google
  2. Speed up website
  3. Write appealing contents
  4. Get more traffic

Marketing in Nepal #3: Social Media Promotions


Where are your targeted audience? Are they on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram or other social platforms. On average people spend 2-3 hour in social media in Nepal. So, most of your audience are in social media. To make a brand presence and advertise about your business, you have to advertise in Social Channels. You can tell your customers about your products in minimum of 2$. Boost your page or post in Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin. You can track your results. You can have your greater brand visibility.

Advantages of Social Media Promotion in Nepal

  1. Getting your product to targeted audience – Greater Visibility
  2. Exposure to new audience
  3. Proper Engagement
  4. Fast, Easy, and Trackable

Marketing in Nepal #4: Video Contents and Ads Creation


A picture speaks thousand word and a video million. User spend much more time watching video content than images. So, why not building some appealing video contents and ads. We can help you building amazing video ads and create amazing ads campaign to promote your business and make it a brand. Video interacts user and you can have better promotion in video than on any other means. Let me tell you a fact that 4 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day.

Advantages of Video Ads

  1. Ranked faster in Google
  2. Most user are spending time on video
  3. Video is best way to inform and educate audience
  4. Better Story Telling
  5. Videos gets shared

Marketing in Nepal #5: Organize Events + Viral Contents


If you want to see how tiger hunts deer, you have to go to jungle not zoo. To understand your customer better you have to go where they are. The best growth hacking tips is to organize events on what your targeted audience are interested in Nepal. So, you have to build a community. Make your customer feel like insiders and no one can stop you from gaining their trust, becoming a brand and getting more sales. And create viral contents. Explain the problems of people and how your product will solve it. Don’t say I will do this and that, show how you will do that.

How to create Viral Content?

  1. Creating Engaging Contents
  2. Solve people’s burning problem
  3. Develop problem solving contents
  4. Time Saving
  5. Uniqueness
  6. Touching emotions(happy, sad, romantic )

Other Ways to Advertise your Business in Nepal

There are many ways you can advertise and market your business in Nepal. Some of others are Email Marketing, Content Marketing and Generation of High Value Content, Giving free trials, Getting News Mention, Building groups in Facebooks, Answering in Quora and Reddit, etc.

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