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We are the leading Mobile App Development Company of Nepal. We provide top-notch cutting edge Mobile App which makes your audience attached to it.

Why We?

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Why Mobile Apps are Important for your Business?

Every business aims to increase their audience base, brand popularity, sales, and revenue generation. A mobile application is capable of doing all these and helps businesses find multiple growth opportunities and generate hefty revenues. 
  • Mobile apps work as a great marketing tool and help your business get ahead of competitors. Be it providing information about new launches, offers, discounts, booking, news feed or the related thing, a mobile app is capable of doing all these quite efficiently.
  • The most interesting fact about a mobile application is that it lets entrepreneurs directly interact with their customers. This is highly important for cultivating customer loyalty.
  • With mobile App, it makes easier to access to your product and services. Customer will have effortless experience. It proves accessibility and people won’t download same app.
  • No matter how good your products and services are, you will not be able to increase sales without having a world-class customer service. A mobile app can also improve your customer service, apart from increasing your product sales and business visibility.

How we Work?

  1. Jan, 2020

    You come up with the Idea of the App you are planning for. We understand your needs and your target audience. This Includes, getting:

    • App Objective
    • Target Audience
    • App USP
    • Target Platforms
    • Competitor Analysis
    • App Investment
    • Development Timeframe
    • App Marketing
    • App Maintenance
  2. Jan, 2020
    App Design (UX/UI)

    The user interface (UI) and experience design (UX) are two crucial factors that determine the success of any mobile application.

    • Information Architecture & Workflows
    • Wireframes
    • Style Guide
    • Mockups
    • Prototypes
  3. Feb, 2020
    App Development

    This stage covers the actual realization and coding of your app. The development stage includes multiple activities such as establishing the development environment (that includes ways to do simple testing), developing various parts of the code, preliminary testing and creating the app that can be installed and tested.

    • Backend Technologies
    • Optimizing Code
    • API
    • Testing and Debugging
  4. Mar, 2020
    App Testing and QA

    Testing is another important stage in the mobile app development lifecycle. Testing lets you know the quality of the app and gives an idea about how good or bad the app is.

  5. Mar, 2020
    Deploying the App

    Launch stage marks the beginning of the market phase of the app. It includes submitting App to Play Store and App Store.

  6. Dec, 2020
    Marketing the App

    Now it's time to advertise your App. Develop Marketing Plan, Do A/B testing and update your App as per user needs.

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